A cafe known as SOVICO+

Located at the ground floor of BK Center

 In these days, we heard that there is a wonderful restaurant at Insein Township which was opened at 5th September. The cafe is named SOVICO+ and located in the ground floor of BK Center, No(5), Maggin Street, Bogone, Insein Township , Yangon. BK center is a condominum with some office places and apartments. Although it is a bit far from Downtown,Yangon, the cafe is quite pleasant and the atmosphere is festive.

Delicious Korean Food
Fresh food
Yummy Food

Such a nice place for chilling out with the friends or reading books by having a cup of appetizing coffee. As the owner is a korean, many of Korean foods are available with the reasonable price. Delicious foods including Asian food, European foods and even Shan foods are able to get in this cafe. We can taste various sorts of coffee and tea including green tea with Japanese Tea Ceremony. Foods are fresh and the price is fair enough. However, in my opinion, the menu is not perfectible yet and it will be better if the WiFi service is available.

As it is quite far from the city, taking time to reach there is also a fact to consider. On the other hand, once you reach there, you will feel this cafe is a sound place and you could even left the sophisticated life behind for a while and enjoy your moment.

Parking Space

Very wide space for parking and wide enough for celebrating some parties and making the best memories in this awesome place.

If you see close, you will see the real coffee seeds decorated for the table.

The best thing by far is the comfortable seats and tables with attractive decorations. p_20161025_132407

What about a birthday party to celebrate
Nice place to take photo


Such a nice place to sit
Such a nice place to sit

As conclusion, I think this cafe is going to be alive with teeming crowd in a short time.