Announcement from JVMYANMAR

We would like to inform you of our colleagues’ relocation and position change as follows.

1. Ms. Thazin Oo <Tingar>, a director and valuer in practice, is going to leave for Japan this weekend, and start to work at our Tokyo head office from 25 July, 2022. She has been working for Japan Valuers (Myanmar) <JVM> since the company start-up days in 2016 and has made countless contribution to the growth of JVM. Aiming to be a good valuer, she will also try to contribute to the international operations at Japan Valuers <JV> in Tokyo.
Tingar’s new contact address is:

2. Ms. Ei Thinzar Jue <Jue>, who joined with us in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, has been working very hard as an indispensable and important member within JVM. We are glad to inform you that she was promoted as a director of JVM to replace Tingar. Jue will be acting as a valuer in practice as well as the manager of JVM Yangon Office.
Jue’s contact information is: or by phone 09778252881.

Though a small company, we are proud that JVM has grown gradually despite the various difficulties we have faced. At the same time, we might have been able to contribute to the sound growth of Myanmar economy to some extent through providing a fair valuation. May I take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your relationship and support since 2016.
It would be most grateful if you would kindly extend to Jue the same generous support and encouragement as you have given to Tingar.

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